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Currently growing one head, two hands, and two feet inside me, I am a Mummy In Progress. I am a registered nurse and run my own (very un-busy) business providing health education and consultancy at a community and corporate level. This blog aims to chronicle the trials and triumphs of my journey as a MIP, and help me connect with other MIP's and mothers out there!

Our Monster is coming...

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Summary Sunday

  1. How far along?: 18 Weeks 1 day
  2. How big is bub?: At our scan last Tuesday, Our Monster was found to be meeting all the 17 week targets and was estimated to weigh 209 grams! According to What to Expect and Pregnancy Lite, this week bub should be about the size of a mango or pear... although I would've thought that would be two entirely different sizes!
  3. Weight gain?: Still shifting up and down within a margin of about 1 kilo over the week. So not really sure if I'm gaining, but not losing either. People who don't know I'm preggo keep saying I've lost weight, and I think my face is a bit thinner, so maybe baby weight gain and my weight loss are equalising each other... Not that I'm trying to lose weight, I'm just trying to gain it slowly if I must!
  4. Stretch marks?: Not that I've noticed, although my boobs get really itchy, and they say that can be a sign of the skin stretching.
  5. Maternity clothes?: Not yet, but I'm starting to favour certain clothes in my wardrobe.
  6. Sleep?: Still crashing early. Some nights I sleep right through, other nights it's pretty disturbed sleep and I wake at 4 or 5 am.
  7. Best moment last week?: My scan on Tuesday!
  8. Food cravings?: Not so much cravings, but still hard to get excited about most food. Once it starts sliding down my gullet however, that's another story!
  9. Symptoms?: I'm peeing like a racehorse! Breathlessness. Not handling the heat!!!
  10. Exercise?: I'm swapping stretch and pilates for yoga this week as the class times have changed at my gym. I'm quite liking the gentle strengthening exercise and it makes me feel better in myself if I'm having a crap week.
  11. Gender?: Dunno...
  12. Movement?: Squiggling and somersaults.
  13. Belly button?: Still there, but The Man stuck his finger in it this morning and reckons it's getting shallower.
  14. What I miss?: Coffee... and I would've killed someone for a margharita or a bloody mary this week!
  15. Labour signs?: None yet!
  16. What I'm looking forward to: Picking out more music for my "Morning Music" sessions, when I sit the iPad or iPhone on my tum for bout half an hour before getting up in the morning and play music for our monster. Everything from Lenny Kravitz to U2. Enya to Madonna. Blink 182 to Sinatra. This baby is going to be rocking!
The bump...


  1. you still look little! adorable bump :) i had a huge bump yesterday, then woke up this morning and it was back to "normal" (looking like i ate too much)

  2. I look little but I feel huge!!
    At the risk of being gross, I think number twos affect bump appearance too... If I'm backed up then the bump shows it!


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