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Currently growing one head, two hands, and two feet inside me, I am a Mummy In Progress. I am a registered nurse and run my own (very un-busy) business providing health education and consultancy at a community and corporate level. This blog aims to chronicle the trials and triumphs of my journey as a MIP, and help me connect with other MIP's and mothers out there!

Our Monster is coming...

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Lost the plot...

Jeepers it's been a while since I've been on here!

The last few weeks have been a real struggle for me.

I think the whole scare a few weeks ago was what kicked it off. Being in a position where I was frightened for my unborn baby's life was an incredibly scary thing, and the two weeks of ensuing bedrest, boredom, weight gain, and discomfort just worsened the situation. Add to that a myriad of money problems (why can't some kind philanthropist just leave a million dollars on my doorstep?), insurance problems, and "other family" problems, and some days have just been a bit too much to deal with.

I thought things would pick up after seeing my midwives at the clinic in Australia a couple of weeks ago, and it did a bit, but it has taken me some time to get moving, interested, and focussed on things again.

It was actually Christie's comment that popped up the other day in my inbox which spurred me into action. Whodda thunk that a little checking in message from someone that you've not actually ever met could incite such action and inspiration?! Thank you my friend!

Feeling much better this week after having a friend from Oz visit, and picking up a bit more work, which means more money for Our Monster!

Realised today that I have to fly back to Oz to meet my 36 week cut off date (the airlines won't fly me after 36 weeks) in only 7 weeks! Cue panic organising accomodation and logistics and leave for The Man from work!

Only 7 weeks and I'll be cooling my heels in Melbourne waiting for this sprog to drop!! Exciting!!