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Our Monster is coming...

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A gut full of baby...

So we had a scan yesterday, which proves I have a gut full of baby.

We're meeting all our 17 week markers which is great! And the estimated foetal weight is 209 grams! (Please don't be a biggun!)

Unfortunately, we couldn't get a photo. It looks like we're dealing with a reluctant little star here, as this is the second scan that we've had trouble getting a pic.

Looks like we'll just have to wait until our big scan in Australia on the 20th, when we should be able to get colour pictures AND a DVD made!

I still haven't heard the heartbeat yet either, although we could see it pumping away on the scan when we got the right position for a split second.

I'm thinking about maybe getting a foetal heart monitor, or doppler, while I'm in Oz to listen to the heartbeat at home.

Can anyone recommend where to get one, or any brands that they have had sucess with?


  1. I honestly don't remember what brand mine is, but I got it at fetaldoppler.net and it was like $60. I ADORE it. When I'm home alone, I can just lay on the couch and listen to Baby. I can here it move and kick and be stubborn. I definitely recommend getting one.

  2. Can't help with the doppler, but glad to hear all is well!

  3. I was going to buy one but my girlfriend pointed out that we're getting so close to the point of feeling it move regularly, and that's enough reassurance for me. congrats on a happy & healthy appointment!


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