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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Pregnancy Prescience...

The other day I introduced you to the fur kids, my two little cats that I hand raised from teeny weeny, close eyed, squeaking little rats.

Back in September, before I knew I was pregnant, the Ginger Ninja, Harry Cat, started behaving a little oddly.
Harry Cat
He became uncharacteristically affectionate, when he wanted to be, and took to sitting on my tummy and kneeding and massaging it with his paws! This behaviour started suddenly and was highly unusual given his somewhat grumpy and bossy nature, but we just chalked it up to being another one of Harry's eccentricities.

In hindsight we realised that the behaviour started around the time that I would've conceived!

Only Harry will ever really know if he knew what was going on before we did, but it's kind of cool to think that he did!!

Another story of pregnancy prescience came courtesy of The Man's Master 5, the youngest boy in the gaggle. Last time the gaggle came to visit us was about two weeks after we'd found out that I was pregnant and we had made a firm decision that no one was going to be told until we were sure that the pregnancy was going to stick.

One day while in the car with his dad, cheeky Master 5 piped up out of the blue with "I think Yaeli's got a baby in her tummy!" When his dad asked why he thought so, Master 5 qualified his supposition with the arguement that "There's a baby in there because she's got a fat tummy!"
The Man countered with , "But maybe she's just been eating too much sushi mate." Which was met with a knowledgable and defiant "No, she definitely has a baby in there and it's going to be a girl", from Master 5.

We would've put it down as coincidence except Master 5 has a history of predicting babies and genders. He's now two for two after predicting his little sister a couple of years ago, and his little girl cousin earlier this year.

Given that we're waiting for the sprog to drop to find out the gender, it'll be another 6 months before we can confirm his prediction. But we were still expecting an "I told you so" when we broke the news to the gaggle on Christmas Day!!!

Do you believe in pregnancy predictions and foreknowledge?


  1. How fascinating and spooky! I've heard stories of cats sitting with people when they are about to pass on, but nothing about predicting those about to arrive. Maybe master 5 has a futue career path already mapped out?!

  2. Maybe I can pimp him out as a predictive tool to other expectant women! ;o)


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