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Friday, 23 December 2011

Cloth Convert

Over at The Adams Family, SarahAnnah88 has been extolling the virtues of soakers over cloth nappies, and wonderful wool.

All of this nappy talk got me thinking... What was I going to do?

I suppose cloth nappying had always felt kind of natural to me, although in my experiences with other people's children I had experienced both. But to my mind cloth nappying was all about terry cloth squares, and washing and delivery services, and trying to keep the damn things white. All things that I thought were going to be difficult, nay, impossible, here in Vanuatu!

I kind of resigned myself to the fact that disposables would be easier for us when bubs comes along, especially given we won't be living in our own home, or even country for the first 2 - 4 weeks (all things going well). I'd also resigned myself to the fact that we'd have to ship in boxes of Huggies from Australia in an attempt to reduce costs by avoiding the sometimes obscene prices that we see placed upon imported goods here in a country where almost everything is imported!

But after reading SarahAnnah88's posts about wool and its use as a soaker, and a lovely comment from her about what brands of cloth nappies she uses, I decided to get Googling and quickly I discovered two great Australian companies who design and manufacture the most amazing cloth nappies that I never could've imagined!!

Both Baby BeeHinds and Greenkids have the most incredibly designed and patterned cloth nappies, but I think the Greenkids ones are my favourites!

The Greenkids design is made up of a waterproof outer layer, a wicking inner layer, and a pocket into which you insert an absorbant sheet made of bamboo cotton, hemp, or microfibre to absorb the wees and wet poos, ALL of which is machine washable!!!

Who couldn't resist popping their bubbies butt into something that looked this cool??!!

Greenkids Anytime Flames

Or this cute??!!

Greenkids Funtimes Flutterby

Or this AWESOME??!!
Greenkids Minkytimes Moo

I think I've just well and truly disposed of the idea of disposables!!!!

Does anyone else use, or want to use cloth nappies? What are your thoughts?

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  1. I LOVE using cloth! I could go on and on about it! Just make sure you do TONS of research. There are plenty of rules for using them (like you can't use diaper ointment on them, no bleach, try to line-dry the outer part to protect the waterproof layer, you can only use certain detergents, etc.) Once you get a wash routine going it's rather simple! You also may find that certain brands won't work for your baby, so only get a few of each brand you want to try then get more of what works! Cloth diapers hold their value really well and you can resell them. I just sold 6 of my newborn covers within 30 minutes of posting for sale! Remember, feel free to email me with any questions!


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