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Currently growing one head, two hands, and two feet inside me, I am a Mummy In Progress. I am a registered nurse and run my own (very un-busy) business providing health education and consultancy at a community and corporate level. This blog aims to chronicle the trials and triumphs of my journey as a MIP, and help me connect with other MIP's and mothers out there!

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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Fudge Fail

So, this weekend was supposed to be dedicated to lounging around in my newly Quartzoned pool (We chose the Sky Bay colour).
Who could resist an all day dip in a deliciously inviting cool oasis, to provide some relief from the relentless tropical heat? Especially when it looks like this?

It was absolutely glorious soaking my hot, gestating body in the cool water for hours on end! Pure bliss!

Unfortunately (or fortunately, as the case may be), I have experienced a bit of a resurgence in energy levels and motivation during the day! Yay for that, considering just the other night I fell asleep at 7:30pm on the tile floor of the livingroom, slept through dinner, and woke only long enough to drag my sorry butt off to bed!

Yesterday I got a bee in my bonnet about wanting to make fudge and gingerbread. The gingerbread didn't happen but the fudge came together ok. I used this recipe, which was a chocolate and condensed milk recipe, and I threw in some red and green lollies for a Christmassy feel. After overnighting it in the fridge last night I couldn't help but have a taste test this morning. End result, not bad. Tastes alright, but doesn't look like the picture on the website and I probably need to use more chocolate in the future as it's not particularly hard and seems to melt easily. And the lollies I used kinda sucked. :o(

On top of the fudge making and pool swimming, I also managed to get our Christmas tree up and decorated... Just in time for the cats to attack and kill it!

For the moment, all the baubles and my pretty angel are still intact, and only a little bit of tinsel has gone astray, but I'm not sure how long that will last. This year, we may just have to make do with a horizontal tree rather than a vertical one!


  1. Oh, poor Christmas Tree! We don't have one so I have no clue how our cat would react to it. I guess we'll find out next Christmas! By the way, I've just passed on to you the Liebster Blog award, the details are on my blog. Hope you are feeling well again today!

  2. Hello! I like your blog. I am friends with the author of the "I Guess This Means We're Pregnant" blog. We go to a mom's group together. I also have my own blog on blogspot if you want to check it out. Anyways...are you from Australia? I always wanted to go there and I have never known anyone from there. I will definitely be following your blog!


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