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Currently growing one head, two hands, and two feet inside me, I am a Mummy In Progress. I am a registered nurse and run my own (very un-busy) business providing health education and consultancy at a community and corporate level. This blog aims to chronicle the trials and triumphs of my journey as a MIP, and help me connect with other MIP's and mothers out there!

Our Monster is coming...

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Warning, warning, warning!

So tomorrow I'm off for a few days to Sydney to visit my mum.

Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a relaxing birthday fly by has now become a bit of a mercy dash after mum has suffered a complication following some surgery last week.

Hopefully they get everything under control and sorted and mum can have a few days of relaxation and TLC with me.

Cross your fingers for us!

As a result, Thankful Thursday and Photographic Phriday will be dependent upon health circumstances and internet access, so we'll play it by ear!

Hope you all had a fabulous Valentine's Day!!

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  1. hope everything works out! Good luck. An no I did not make a pink milkshake, I was very good!


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