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Our Monster is coming...

Monday, 27 February 2012

Summary Sunday on a Monday

I totally missed a summary Sunday last week what with the flying back from Oz and the whole scare with the baby on Monday and all.

One might be forgiven for thinking that given all the bed rest I've been doing, I might've got my shit together and prepared for this weeks Summary Sunday. HELL NO!

I give up trying to be organised... I do better flying by the seat of my pants. My ability to procratinate is far too ingrained to be over ridden by the simple purchase of a diary, or the introduction of a to do list.

This whole bed rest bizzo has messed with me too. I've been really flat and down all week and just can't get motivated to do anything, even the manual revisions that I should've completed for a client by now. I just can't get my motor running. :o(

I snuck out of the house this morning to go and teach my language class. I figure after no problems in a week an hour out of the house sitting on my arse wasn't going to hurt me! It felt good to do something kind of productive.

Anywho, here's a summary of the last fortnight of mad gestation.

  1. How far along?: 25 weeks 2 days
  2. How big is bub?: Our monster is apparently the size of a large sweet potato or an eggplant, measuring in at about 23 cms and weighing in at about 900 grams. A scan last Monday to check on things after the scare showed bubs weighing in at the 900 gram mark already, so we're growing like a weed!
  3. Weight gain?: I got on the scales this morning and hit the 90kg mark. That's 3 kgs over my prepregnancy weight and nearly 1 kg of that is baby, so I don't think I'm doing too badly. I seem to be gaining a bit less than a kilo a fortnight. Dear baby, please don't make me a total porker!
  4. Stretch marks?: No new ones. Cocoa butter is being used like it's going out of fashion in our house though!
  5. Maternity clothes?: A friend of mine has loaned me a big bag of maternity clothes that she bought when she was pregnant. Many of them are too small for me already given I was a size 14 - 16 before falling pregnant (damn you boobs!) and she was a 12 - 14, but some of them will be fabulous for kicking back in! My mum also bought me some comfy clothes the othe week when I was visiting her and they've been really good for kicking back on the couch during "bed arrest". Although it's hard to get the motivation to get dressed when you can't leave the house. :o(
  6. Sleep?: I am so sick of waking up at 2 or 3 am!!! It's not even because I have to pee or anything! I just wake up and can't go back to sleep. It makes me sad.
  7. Best moment last week?: There weren't really many good moments last week. But getting to see Our Monster on the ultrasound again was cool.
  8. Food cravings?: None.
  9. Symptoms?: Bleeding gums and mouth ulcers. Zits and sore boobs again. :o(
  10. Exercise?: Bed rest. Poo :o(
  11. Gender?: Dunno.
  12. Movement?: Heaps. Despite the panic, bubs has been rocking and rolling away like mad. And those little feet have spent some time hanging out under my ribs which has felt odd and uncomfortable.
  13. Belly button?: Shallow
  14. What I miss?: Alcohol.
  15. Labour signs?: None
  16. What I'm looking forward to: Heading to Melbourne next week for a check up with the clinic and my GTT and visiting my 95 year old grandma.
No belly shot today. I couldn't be bothered taking a photo of my gut.

But before I sign off, I thought you all may or may not be amused to hear that The Man has bestowed a name upon last Monday and it's madness. He swears he's going to tell the baby the story of "the day mummy's vag fell out" as a bed time story... God help us!

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  1. ok, i had to do some conversions from kgs to lbs but you've gained nothing! i felt like i was in a good place because i didn't gain any weight as of my 18wk appt, but i've gained at least as much as you have since then, which means i've been gaining at least a lb a week! i guess that food aversion has finally come in handy for you, huh? ;) my gums have been awful too :( glad to know we're not alone! PS - 25 weeks is awesome. i read that at 24 wks they have a 50% chance of survival, and by 26 weeks that's up to 80-90%, so while i hope your little monster stays put, it's encouraging to know his/her chances if s/he decides to come early!


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