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Friday, 3 February 2012

Quaking in our boots... and Photographic Phriday

Well, nothing like a 7.1 earthquake in the middle of the night, followed by multiple aftershocks over 5.0 throughout the night, to set the cat amongst the pigeons! Everyone in town is banging on about it!
I slept through it and woke thinking I had dreamed the whole thing!

Earthquakes are very common here in Vanuatu as we are situated on the Pacific Ring of Fire. According to Wikipedia, 90% of the world's earthquakes occur on the Ring of Fire!

Not sure it's what Johnny Cash had in mind when he wrote about falling into a burning ring of fire...

Anywho... It's Photographic Phriday = that awesome day when I share my favourite photo of the week that I have taken on my iPhone using the Instagram App! You can follow me on Instagram by searching for missyaeli!

This week my favourite photo is one that I took in the late afternoon after cleaning the pool... It doesn't look so serene now after half the water sloshed out last night!
- Kelvin filter

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