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Our Monster is coming...

Monday, 6 February 2012

Circling the wagons...

So, this morning's language class went well! Hopefully I can pull of the challenge of getting the seven participants to be able to converse confidently in Bislama (an English based form of Pigin spoken as the lingua franca in Vanuatu)!

I'm supposed to have another class of six on Wednesday evening, but thanks to Tropical Cyclone Jasmine, it looks like that may be postponed and I'll have to run a make up class next week... not such a good look for the first week of "term"!

Speaking of old TC Jazzy, it seems we're getting conflicting reports about what to expect. (When looking at the maps, please note that we live in Vila, the Nation's capital.)

At midday today the Vanuatu Meteo was predicting this...

The Australian Bureau of Meterology was predicting this...

And the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre was predicting this...

Whichever way it plays out, it's going to get pretty darn close and we're in for some wild weather! Hopefully we won't lose comms, but this cyclone does have the potential to pass right over the top of us, so it may be best to expect a Tropical Cyclone Uma situation and hope for the best!

TC Uma took out much of Port Vila, along with electricity, water, and communications in February 1987. It also wiped out an estimated 95% of housing in Port Vila!

Fingers crossed we don't have that happen again!

The Man's visiting staff member is incapable of listening to reason and still reckons that he's going to be able to fly out to Australia on Wednesday... Hahahahahahahahaha!

Just what I need... A cyclone lockdown for days with my sexy man, a doberman, a retriever, two cats, and a whining staff member!

I told him to start swimming!


  1. Fingers crossed the cyclone doesn't create too much havoc for you, what a nervous wait it must be.

  2. Hope all is well and you been hit too hard!


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